BOSSMOM Aliyah and Shah


It’s Aliyah and Shah here! We believe in crushing our goals while raising babies and take pride in being the founders behind the brand BOSSMOM NATION! Born and raised in the Bay Area of sunny California, we have given birth to six amazing and motivating children between us both. So, it’s obvious we are REALLY into this motherhood thing!

To see a woman be amazing, is one thing, but to see a woman be amazing with a child... is winning! And We Are Winning!

In fact, there are millions of women winning and we’re dedicated to acknowledging her, and providing a NATION that equally cares about her like we do! From preschool to partnership. That's how far we've come together and we're only getting started!

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out!

Shah Zareef

1. My name is Shahidah. It means witness of GOD
2. Born in Oakland, Ca but I lived in Atlanta for 8 years.
3. My husband and I grew up in the same community but never really spoke, we later reconnected and  had a 3 month long distance courtship before I packed my bags and moved back to Cali to marry him. #11yearsSTRONG.πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ’
4. I'm a born and raised Muslim.
5. I use to be extremely shy when I was younger.
6. I now consider myself a social butterfly.
7. I have a hand FULL of great women I call friends #trueblues.πŸ’™
8. I'm the oldest of 4, my mom thought I'd never have children because of the  responsibility with my siblings. Boy, was she wrong!
!9. I'm an avid reader!
10. I've owned and operated my own hair salon for 6 years, and recently closed to be a stay at home mom while cultivating and building BOSSMOM NATION.
11. I have 3 children ages 8,6 & 1
12. I'm big on women empowerment and believe that with the support of each other we can all win. πŸ†
13. I'm a moody person, sometimes, just give me my space for a minute and I'll snap out of it. 😊
14. I keep a lot of my dreams and aspirations to myself...I'd rather show than tell. πŸ˜‰
15.I believe motherhood is my greatest accomplishment.
16. One of the best feelings in the world to me is laughter, and my husband makes me laugh HYSTERICALLY!!!
17. I'm always cleaning at home and I'm fine with that because I simply cannot relax in a messy space.
18. A good book, a cup of tea and some peace is my idea of a good time.
19. Whenever I meet or greet a woman I always find some way to compliment her, or at least share a smile...kindness goes a long way. ❀ 
20. I'm one hell of a work in progress but I really like who I'm becoming.

Aliyah Muhammad

1. I have two middle names (Ijlal and Zakiyyah)
2. All of my names are Arabic with beautiful meanings and I strive to love and live up to those meanings.
3. I can be a procrastinator. Nevertheless, I get shit done.
4. I believe curse words are merely exclamation points and I use them to add spice to my sentences!
5. I always wanted to name my daughter Justice, then I eventually married a man named Justice and had a daughter. We named her Justice.
6. I'm funny AF! If you haven't had the opportunity of letting me make you smile, you're truly missing out.
7. I wish I was a ballerina.
8. I have no performance talents but with the RIGHT trap music playing, I could shut it down. #AskAboutMe
9. I'm really a realist. I can approach most situations without emotions which I believe helped me in business.
10. Although I am a strong, independent, businesswoman...I love the idea of being a housewife too.
11. If there was ever a movie/book about my life, Kanye West's College Dropout album would signal a pivotal part of it.
12. I can basically cope with anything going on in my life, from heartbreak to success, with a Drake or JayZ song/quote.
13. I'm an excellent writer but I don't really enjoy it.
14. I'm a Sagittarius. November to be exact. The 27th to be accurate.
15. I'm left handed but I operate often with my right. However, I'm not ambidextrous.
16. I stopped drinking Coca Cola on July 28, 2015. This fact let's me know, ALL things are possible!
17. I spend forever contemplating color in a nail shop just to pick something pink or clear.
18. I'm terrified to travel out of the country (U.S.) but I've done it a few times and plan on many more!
19. I have an OCD that makes me dump everything out my purse to inventory it and neatly arrange everything. 
20. I'm so sarcastic to the point I can't detect when someone is being sarcastic with me. I believe that is really called, being gullible! 

BOSSMOM Aliyah and Shah - The Fall
BOSSMOM Aliyah and Shah


She's a multi-tasking go-getter who is driven by her most important role...MOTHERHOOD.


The Movement of BOSSMOM NATION is backed on women empowerment. We're impressed again and again by the women we meet, the stories we hear and the pictures we see. Being able to maintain who we are through all the hustle and bustle of motherhood is freaking major! BOSSMOM NATION is focused on building a platform to connect with and showcase content to inspire the modern mama of today. We're a team of mothers so being a BOSSMOM is the driving force of it all.

- Motherhood Looks Good on You -
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