A BOSSMOM is.....a woman unashamed to share her truth. One that understands how challenging motherhood can be and is willing to be transparent about it. A BOSSMOM is a woman who walks with confidence, one that is not intimidated by fellow women, but instead uplifts her peers with words of encouragement. A BOSSMOM is proud of her kids, and humbled to be called their mom. A BossMom is strong but unafraid to be weak. A BOSSMOM is a woman of value, one that does all she can for the sake of her tribe. 

Mom of two, fluently trilingual; French, English and Lingala.

Curator of a fun little space called “milk n honee”

wife to a wonderful husband, foodie, bargain shopper and

child of the Most High.

Africa born, Canada raised, Chicago living!

Your favorite thing to do with your babes? I really can't narrow it to one! Whether we're sitting on the couch cuddling or at the playground chasing each other, I thoroughly enjoy every second of every minute in their presence. These moments are fleeting they grow up so fast. 

Most memorable  mom moment? The day I became mom times two ;) 

I feel most inspired when.....I'm around fellow moms doing big things, chasing their dreams  kicking butt while doing it!