Elexis Bronson: BOSSMOM of 2

What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you? 

Everyone is different and everyone thinks differently but all us mothers are united by our decision to allow apart of us to walk freely within this chaotic world. We slowly guide them in what we hope to be the right direction, always following in the distance but always having a hand out if needed. A piece of you that you love with so much passion that you don't know how in the world you are ever going to let this little person leave your side. We are faced with fears and insecurities that you may never think to worry about when your life is just based upon getting only yourself through the next day. Becoming a mother is becoming a shoulder to cry, a place to cuddle up and sleep, a teacher, mentor, chef, webmd doctor, superhero, friend, storyteller, and their first love. For me, I know I am not perfect, but I put my every being into making sure that they are happy and healthy, so that when they grow up they have many happy memories and many tools to face this world with. You have to balance not only being yourself now, maybe being a spouse, your daily life, and control your future, all while making sure your child has everything they need to succeed. Does being a boss mom mean getting it right every time, no because no one does, but it sure is being the best version of yourself that you can be for you and for them. You control your destiny and only you can decide how great of a mother you will be.