Small Victories


It get's rough sometimes in my hood, motherHOOD that is!! So part of what keeps me sane is celebrating the small victories. Are you wondering what I mean when I say this?....Okay let me clarify! A small victory is simply a moment in time when something small made your life a tad bit easier. Something that makes you say YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Let me give you a few  of my current examples to further explain.

That moment when.....I'm in the thick of  my morning hustle to get the kids up and out for school and my infant stays asleep the entire time!!  SMALL VICTORY!!

That moment when.......I make it smoothly through my Trader Joe's grocery run, with 3 little people and realize I didn't have to fuss or break up a sibling fight. SMALL VICTORY!!

That moment when.......I get to sneak away to the gym for some oh so necessary cardio, and my husband doesn't call me with the screaming baby in the background asking me when I'm coming back home. SMALL VICTORY!!!!!!

That moment's late night, everyone is asleep in the house and I actually have an hour or two to read a snippet of a book or finish a blog post I've been working on for a week. SMALL VICTORY!!

You see...these small victories that I'm sharing with you, they add up!! And when they do, I get the opportunity to be grateful, re charge and realize that ALL is good in the hood. 

Learn to celebrate the small victories, it's the universes way of reminding you that you got this!! You're not just a mom. You're a BOSSMOM