Home school: Quick Q&A

Hey mama's!

Shah here, most of you know that last year I home schooled my children. You can check out an article featured in Mother Mag about why I made the choice to do so. http://www.mothermag.com/choosing-homeschool/ 

I've received many questions via Instagram about my home school experience so I'm using this space to answer a few of them! Here we go...

What was our experience like? The experience was many things! Challenging, refreshing, eye-opening, progressive & purposeful.

Challenging; because  educating 2 children in two different grades with 2 different learning styles is NOT easy. My patience was tested daily &  It wasn't until nearly the end of our school year that I began to finally feel an organized flow/ balance with everything.

Refreshing; because we had an opportunity to start and spend our days as we pleased without the morning hustle and bustle! Any mom with school age children knows how crazy the morning time routine can be when you're racing the clock to be on time for school.

Eye-opening; because it’s given me a greater understanding and hands on view of my children’s learning style, the areas they excel and the areas that need more attention.

Progressive; because we learned TOGETHER.

Purposeful; because we focused on character building, our faith, and strengthening our home/family life. Still working on all of the above!

Why we’re no longer homeschooling? My husband and I decided to place the children back  in school when it settled in that baby number four was on the way! I’m very clear on my capacity to do things, and what I knew for sure was that homeschooling my older 2 with a new baby and a toddler was going to be waaaaaaaay too much for my sanity. Let’s be honest! When your family is growing, the entire household takes a shift and in order for us to shift smoothly, mamas plate cannot be too full. You feel me, right?

What did I learn about myself through the process? What I learned is that although I love the idea of self-educating my children, I operate better as a support rather than the lead. If or when we decide to home school again, this time I plan to join or start my own co-op group. A home school co-op is when a group of homeschooling families come together and choose a teacher that will work with the children. The parents support the teacher by incorporating the same educational structure into the home routine. This way the teacher takes the lead, organizes the curriculum and does the bulk of the educating, just the way school does but in a more intimate hands own environment. 

In closing, the bright side of things is that I discovered a new Charter school that really aligns with the social & educational vision  I have for my children. The school is only 3 years old, it’s a community school that welcomes, encourages and organizes involvement from the parents, so that we as a collective can keep the school in line with its mission. I love it! 

The school is named “roses in concrete” after a book of Tupac poems, and it’s hands down the most culture filled elementary school in our city! As much as I'm pleased with the school so far, a piece of me felt sad & partially defeated when I decided not to home school. Simply because I had a grand plan for my life as an mother/educator, despite the challenge, I felt so empowered teaching and learning with my children daily. To be honest with you, our home school journey may not be over! We’re simply in a season of our lives where the decision to put home school to the side is best fit for now.  We’ll probably complete elementary school and hop back on the home school train after that. Who knows?! Whatever it is, I'm holding on to faith and trusting our journey :)



BOSSMOM Nation x Next Round Kids:


Well hello! So nice of you to take a minute and join us :) Shah here, it's been a while since we've shared in this blog space. We've taken some time to reflect on where we began, where we are and where we're headed. Today's post is all about the arrival of my soon to be 4th child!! Major!! And the way we gathered to celebrate while giving back.

Quick Story: I met Juanita, (pictured above to the right) the founder of Next Round Kids, a few years ago while we were both volunteering as hairstylist with Sol Sisters Organization. We connected, lost touch, then reconnected through social media. We planned a day to meet & catch up, while chatting she shared with me that she'd started a non-profit organization "to empower families by providing free clothing to families and building a network of support that will help bridge the economic gaps in our families and community."  As a wife and mother of 2, she made time to create a cause with reach and impact in our local community. I was very impressed! From that point on we stayed connected and I kept her in my thoughts to support when I could.

Fast forward to the inspiration behind my baby shower gather/sprinkle/celebration...I haven't had interest or felt the need to have a baby shower after my first born. And I had ZERO plans to switch things up the 4th time around. Until...the idea come up to use this as an opportunity to invite out my local "mama tribe" to meet, celebrate, and donate our gently used maternity and kids clothing. Like myself, I figured most moms have clothes that our children have grown out of and we're in need of a reason to clear them from their closets. This was the perfect time to collaborate with Juanita! I shared the idea with her and made it happen :)



The entire day was a group effort! I couldn't and wouldn't have done any of this without my peeps! Starting with this delectable spread supplied by Good Eggs, they were founded in August 2011 in the Mission district of San Francisco with the mission to help grow and sustain local food systems, worldwide. Good Stuff!

My girl Malika Yasmin laid things out so effortlessly, not to mention the fruit infused, super refreshing sparkling water drink she made. Take me back to this spread please!!


I enjoyed the company of mamas and children running around freely. We laughed, shared stories and the different stages of motherhood we're experiencing. It was just as easy-breezy fancy free as I imagined :)


Me with this lovely mama, Brandi Riley from "Mama Knows It All Blog" we conversed online for a little over a year and finally met in person! I love when that happens, don't you?! Also let's take a minute to appreciate the amazing floral arrangement made by my sweet friend Crystal Cara. She outdid herself!


Young sisterhood in the making...



Between the support from my tribe, the gift of giving, and my super comfy custom fit dress by my good friend Taylor of Taylor Jay Collection, I couldn't have asked for better vibes. I left the day feeling so full of goodness. Cheers to continued growth and support within my motherhood community and beyond.

With Love, Shah :)

Photography by: Kimberly Daley of Arayaace Photography

Mama Issues: "Self-care in Motherhood"

Self-care in Motherhood

I didn't expect motherhood to spark such a flame in my spirit. This journey for so many mamas is a self learning experience. I've found hidden truths about myself, I never knew I could have unconditional love for another human. With all the yelling and the outrageous tantrums I encounter daily. Theres the common cool down stage after a meltdown, and I look into the eyes of my child and see myself, and within that moment, I am more in need of my child's love, kisses and hugs,than she probably is for mine. 


The challenges some mothers go through is trying to get to a space where they can love themselves as much as their children love them. If we could look through the eyes of our offspring, and see what they see in us; you know this big world that they truly believe we can conquer? Then our confidence would be through the roof. The woman that has now redefined herself through motherhood, deserves to know her worth. You are worthy of self care, and you don't need anyone to validate that for you. It's important to demand what you want and need so that your space of fear, depression and anxiety is replaced with magic peace and positive energy.


Daughter, sister and friend are titles we are born with. The title 'mother', also known as creator, is something we are blessed enough to add to more reasons of why we have purpose on this planet. While we're all these powerful and compassionate beings, we have to remember we are also our own person, and yes we take care of the people associated with our titles, but when does self care come to play? Take lead in the title 'ME' because who you are is vital. We mustn't forget a relationship that is so important that if it fails, all other titles we posses cannot prosper to be great. It's the relationship we have with ourselves. Make time for you! I know you're busy right? I get it. Start off with something small, check in with your emotions, say out loud how you're feeling, and be honest with yourself while doing so. Simply sit still, with your favorite album on repeat. Moisturize places on your body you would normally rush.


It's not selfish to indulge in yourself, learn more about your ways, your truths and your body. Forget those dirty dishes and put on your finest robe, light candles, as many as you want. Burn enough to draw the light from within your soul. Fill up the bathtub as the steam from the water rises, add your favorite soap that stimulates your senses. And as you step in, release all the weight from your day and let it flow down the drain. 


You deserve happiness, your child deserves a mother at peace and a gem with her most precious inwards. It wasn't until my journey in motherhood that I discovered that I am strong capable and creative. Every mother has gifts waiting to be unwrapped, take care of your gifts, know that self care is self love, and it can heal all the postpartum wounds. Set your mind free, your babes will thank you for going at a pace that was set best for them, and YOU. 

Motherhood is Sanctifying


Motherhood is Sanctifying...the term alone is filled with so much meaning. I like to describe it best as, letting motherhood be a purifying experience, one that we allow GOD to take the lead as we follow. 

We were blessed with this amazing coloring book by a fellow BOSSMOM by the name of Jena Holiday. She's the sweet talented mama behind this amazing project. Abide is a coloring book devotional on making room + pressing through in the middle of mommy mayhem. Such a gem, and so necessary to aid in the sanity for mothers from all over. As we know, motherhood comes with all kinds of highs and lows & tons of daily emotions. The Abide coloring book is very relaxing to use along with comforting words to inspire you. What a perfect combination!