10 THINGS...

 As mothers its extremely important that we do our best to lead our children in the right direction to prepare them for the world. I often think of the lessons and values I want to instill in my daughter. She's naturally such a sweet little girl and I want her to stay on that path as she  develops into a woman. Below I came up with 10 top things I want to teach her on our journey through mother-daughterhood together "yup, I made that up". My list goes on far beyond the 10 things I listed but I'm sure you don't want to be reading this forever so I figured 10 was just right :) 

 I'd love to know what you have on your list of things to teach your child(ren), even if you're not a mother just yet it's never too early to start working on that list!! So go ahead....comment below, show some love and share your list :)

#Bossmom Shah