Aisha 'Lux' Carrington

Introducing Aisha Carrington, also known as "Cinderfashionrella" on Instagram. With a name like that you can imagine how cool, fresh and fly she is! She's coming "straight outta" London and serving some major mom style. Check her out!!


What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you? Being a BOSSMOM to me means doing me!! Following my heart and doing what I love so that my daughter can look up to me and follow my lead. Reaching for the stars and not letting anything hold her back. 

You feel most inspired when?  I feel most inspired when I write my blog posts, they are like notes to myself to dream big and not allow any negativity to hold me back from reaching my goals. I'm very proud of my blog, my ambition with it is to touch people through the music, motivate them with the quotes and inspire them with the outfits.

Other than my blog I am inspired when I'm around my friends they are so positive and supportive. 


What is your  go to "mom uniform" ? It's cold here at the moment so my go to look consists of a fur coat with jeans or a tracksuit, trainers, a hat and red lipstick. Always Mac lady danger!!