Never NOT working, that pretty much sums up my life. I'm either working in my home life or working on my business, simultaneously doing both at times. In between the hustle and bustle of it all, it's important to take a ME day here and there. Meet up with one of my mama friends, have lunch and browse through a few stores. Last week on Thursday after 2 school drop offs, I did just that!! My girl Malika and I got together for a few hours, which seemed more like a few minutes! But, I must say we did enjoy it. We caught up, laughed, talked about our children and how they pretty much run our lives. LOL! We also chatted about some exciting things we're working on, it's so refreshing to share your dreams with friends who are just as interested and supportive in your dreams as they are their own.

After a super tasty lunch, we decided to go into LUSHThey sell FRESH Handmade Cosmetics. It was my first time actually walking into the store, and I was instantly obsessed. Their "Bath Bombs" seem to be their most popular product and after setting my eyes on them I totally see why. They smell ahh-mazing and they look super yummy. I just bought a few for me and the kids to try out. I'll do a review on that later!!

Another thing I love about meeting up with friends is a reason to get dressed, OH MY GOD! I pretty much live in jeans and a tee or workout clothes during the week, so throwing on a heel or high boot is such a treat :)

I was recently gifted this super soft and comfy hooded sweater by PINK BLUSH BOUTIQUE. The fabric is sooooo soft, and I love anything hooded. I paired it with my fave black knee high boots, the heel is not too high but high enough for me to feel like I did something special :)

We mothers MUST take a little time to be in touch and connect with our friends, even if it is a quick lunch date.

Til next time ladies...Xx Shah