Let's talk BIRTH w/Kathryn Chizuko

B I R T H.

The light at the end of the tunnel. That moment when you heard the doctor say "It's time. Are you ready to meet your son? I need you to start pushing". 

You know, that moment where your heart dropped into the pit of your stomach for a split second in excitement and anticipation of FINALLY coming face to face with the life you've been growing inside you. This was the moment you've been waiting for! The most exciting part of this journey had arrived, and now all you had to do was PUSH for what seemed to be nothing less of twenty "just one more!" pushes. 

But, lets rewind because we can't forget about the contractions leading up to this monumental moment in history. My 'pregnancy' experience was cake compared to some of the stories I've heard, so of course I went through my pregnancy thinking that giving birth was going to be a breeze. Contractions? What contractions? What are those things? I didn't even think about contractions, UNTIL I had one. My goodness! You know that initial reaction of "What the F&@K! was that!?". I remember telling my mom that "This is it. I can't do it. I'm done. I'm not having anymore kids". Of all the things I said in those moments, "I'm not having any more kids" stands out the most. A tear dropped with every contraction until I was dilated enough for the epidural. Some are opposed to the epidural, and thinking back, I suppose I can see why. We, women are strong creatures. We were built to give birth and endure the pain that comes along with it, but in that moment, as soon as I was able, I did (get the epidural that is). It was smooth sailing from there! I am extremely thankful and forever grateful to have had a support system holding my hand every step of the way. 


After 26 hours of labor...  the instant I heard King's cry, I went from "I'm not having any more kids!" to "it was all worth it!". I will gladly do it all over again. I actually want to, and look forward to giving him siblings one day. He came out of my womb healthy and smiling with a head full of hair ready to conquer the world. All that I could ask for. 

Fast Forward to four years later... Delivery day seems like yesterday, literally! As I continue to watch him grow into his own, and see his personality shine through, I am convinced that giving birth is a superpower. How awesome is it that I gave birth to one of the coolest kids on earth?! I thank God everyday for him and I pray for this little human that I birthed into this world more than I pray for myself.

Whenever in doubt, this gift from God is my constant reminder that "I got this!" I tackled giving birth to a freakin' human. Let that soak in for a second... We grew a human inside of us and are raising them and molding them into who they will one day become. We, mothers are a lot stronger than given credit for. Nothing is easy in life, but nothing is more BOSS than being able to grow a human and birth him/her into this world. WE DID THAT! #BOSSMOMNATION

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