BOSSMOM Inspiration: Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba co-founded her $1 billion nontoxic products startup The Honest Company partly out of frustration with current chemical testing regulations.

As Alba told Forbes for a recent profile, she traveled toWashington, D.C. more than once in her company’s early days to lobby for the overhaul of the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, which allows for 80,000 chemicals to remain in household products untested.

Ultimately, she felt she could make more of a difference selling parents an alternative to chemical-filled products via The Honest Company than she ever could in the capital.

Jessica says.....

“I went about it in creating a for-profit business around a non-profit issue,” she said. “I just felt like it would be a more sustainable way to address the issue.”

I've always loved Jessica Alba not just as an actress but simply because she always seems to give off such a genuine kindness, like the girl every girl wants to be friends with. Over the years I've admired her even more as she has become a mom and started her company. Below are a few of my favorite pictures of her and her girls. She's such a BOSSMOM!