Our BOSSMOM Nation is growing stronger by the day and I couldn't be more excited!! Today I'm sharing with you my girl Karina whom I connected with on Instagram, and although we've never met personally I feel like she's the coolest mama ever. Always showing love through her comments and sharing great photo's through her feed. She's my kind of girl :) Check out her thoughts on motherhood and peep her cool style!

What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you?

I am at a constant battle with myself as to how I'm doing in regards to everything in my life. 

Am I doing enough at home? 

Am I there enough emotionally & physically for my hardworking husband?

Am I spending enough time with my son?

Am I performing well at work? 

Are my clients satisfied? 

Do I have time for myself to do the things I have interest in? 

I'm stretching myself thin sometimes but honestly I wouldn't feel myself if I didn't have a dozen things going on at once. I have always been that way. I multi task everyday, & I have interest in many things. As long as I get it done, I think I'm pretty accomplished. That to me is a BOSSMOM. I'm the BOSS of my life and I get it done one way or the other. 

Once you become a mother and hold your baby for the first time, you get this intense feeling of accomplishment. Like, wow look what I have created! All you want is to care for and nurture this little human that you instantly fall in love with. That connection is amazing and so hard to express with words. It's a feeling I cannot describe. Motherhood has defiantly taught me to be patient, to appreciate how precious and how short life really is. It's like someone has uncovered my eyes as to how screwed up the world can be. 

I want to teach my son respect and kindness, to help others who are in need, to stick up for himself and defend others when they can't, to be humble and trustworthy. It isn't about me anymore and my wants, it's now up to me to raise part of our future. 

Check out how Karina styled her tee in a completely different look! We love to see our ladies rock the tee in many ways, mean it is part of our uniform right?!

Now that we've introduced you to another amazing mama, go ahead and connect with her!