BOSSMOM NATION: Kathryn Chizuko

I love this tee! When I wear it, it's a reminder to continue taking the measures necessary to attain my goals, personal and business. A lot of people don't know or realize that I am a full-time single-parent and the sole-creative behind a growing business, Ozzie + Olive. When I think about my day to day responsibilities from raising a child to following through on production demands to providing customer service, sometimes I wonder to myself...How do you do it!?
It's literally finding 30hours in a 24hour day so that I can tend to the needs of my son and then after he goes to bed, tend to those customers that support Ozzie+Olive. Sewing/ Packaging / Printing / Shipping / and Email responses all happen after hours usually into the early morning.
Stressful! Yes, it's overwhelming at times but this tee says it all, no complaints, just "Get it done". 

I hate to sound cliche but...BOSSMOMs do what they have to do to make it (whatever "it" is) happen! Endure the struggle while building a brand you can be proud of. It's so rewarding to see growth, in both my son and my business. And there is a sense of accomplishment knowing "I did that!" and that I am responsible for that! That all my sacrifices are paying off, even if not as fast as I would like. 

See how kat gets it done

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