BOSSMOM NATION: Keisha Cameron

Keisha "little mamma" Cameron is one of my favorite BOSSMOM's to follow on Instagram. She's got major style with her own bit of flair. Not to be fooled by the name "Little mamma"  because she's doing BIG mothering 4 children and taking care of a husband and home! 

Connecting with other mom's whom inspire me through style, family, and business is what I LOVE most about social media. When I discover a new mom on Instagram I get so excited to reach out and have them as a part of our growing community. That's what we're most passionate about around here! Building community. Supporting each other & sharing our stories. Read on to see what Keisha had to share about her motherhood journey.

What BOSSMOM means to me is...

There is NO one stronger than a Mother, and I'm so proud and very blessed to be one!

Motherhood taught me how to love unconditionally! To love with crazy joy and fiercely without expectations. To live and embrace every moment with them because all we have is sweet precious time and we all know that flies by so quickly! Through it all, I learned how to give my self fully to them the best way I know how. With every child, they have put me through a different journey and with that I have sacrificed my body, my time and even sometimes my mind!

I continue to do the best I can with God guiding me through it all! And above all else, Motherhood definitely requires me to continue to be brave and strong for them. Because... No matter what, my job is never done. No matter how old my babies get they will always want and need me. And... with out a doubt I will be there Rain, sleet or snow! I got their back. And knowing all I know and everything that I am still learning in this thing called "Motherhood" I am blessed to be a part of this "Motherhood" gang!



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