BOSSMOM NATION: Malika Shareef-Pham

In the motherhood

Motherhood is the toughest hood I’ve ever been to, straight up! Before having kids I was in the cosmetics industry, so on any given day you could catch me in high heels and my make-up on “fleek” (as the kids say). When I imagined life as a mom everything I pictured was fun, easy, quiet, and basically picture perfect. Lies!

`Although being a mom of two is filled with tons of fun, I definitely wouldn’t use the term easy to describe motherhood. I wanted to be the perfect mom (helpful hint: there is no such thing), but I learned the hard way. I’ve birthed my two kids au natural (no epidural), nursed countless hours/months/years, made all their baby food from scratch, read every how-to book ever written. You name it I did. Still I would sit and wonder did I do enough. I wanted to be the always trendy, slim, put together mom, pushing the perfectly dressed, well behaved kids. Instead I’m the happy mom wrangling two happy toddlers (one with Autism) working up a sweat in 60 degree bay area weather, and wearing sneakers at that! Motherhood is an ongoing journey with an evolving destination. It encompasses but is not limited to physical aches and pains, tears and fears, love and joy, and most of all purpose. I was totally the “to-do list” girl, everyday a new list. Many things carried over from the previous list. As you know children come with a very strict no return policy, so we have no choice but to GET IT DONE! Once you’re in the hood there’s no way out, and I wouldn’t if I could.


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