That moment when your blogger crush is rockin' something you created........Ahhhmazing!!! That's how I felt when I saw the pics of Mimi G. in her BOSSMOM tee

I've been following Mimi on her journey of blogging and business since she first started a few years ago. So for things to come full circle and to have the opportunity to connect with her was such a treat. 

We were invited to cover a very intimate event called Erica's Table of 20, "A chic exclusive dining experience" and MiMi was one of the guest speakers. The event was held in Atlanta so Aliyah went to represent for the team!! This was the perfect opportunity to gift Mimi a BOSSMOM tee and introduce her to our community. If you haven't already checked out Mimi's blog do yourself a favor and do so now!!!

She was in a rushed on-the-go moment (aren't all BOSSMOMs) but rocked her tee in complete relaxed lavish style! Check out Mimi's entire look...

"I am working on a tight schedule today but I had to post this AWESOME tee that was given to me by Closet Piece. I wore it with my Zara Jeans and Steve Madden Heels."
- Mimi G -

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