Introducing another AMAZING mama....Ruthie Ridley!! I love finding and connecting with the mama community on Instagram but what I love even more is learning about these women through their own personal blog space. I discovered Ruthie on Instagram and I've developed a greater fondness and respect for her while reading her blog. Social media gives you a snippet of a persons life while a blog allows you the chance to get to know a person beyond what's on the surface. While reading one of her latest blogs "What's your dream job?!" I learned that she became an RN at the young age of 19!!! I mean....seriously how AWESOME is that?!! She's been actively working as a nurse for the past 14 years, and although she loves going to work everyday she doesn't consider it to be her dream job. Check out her full blog to find out just what her dream job is!!

Ruthie is a BOSSMOM of 3 precious little people and today she's showing us how she styles her BOSSMOM tee along with her stylish on and enjoy the cutest overload of pictures!!

To me the term BOSSMOM means a mom who gets it done, keeps the house going/functioning and commands respect based on her posture. 

It is extremely important to me to be comfortable in what I am wearing. Comfort means different things to different people but when I am dressing up I like to wear heels always and I like my tops to be comfortable yet chic and classy. I also tend to wear a lot of black and white. I purposely chose this poncho because it is roomy yet chic. I added the ripped jeans for a grunge affect and the strappy heels for my comfort


I currently reside in... Northern California

I feel most inspired when... I see others following their dreams and I myself am creating. 

My favorite thing to do with my kids is.... Take them to the park or pool and watch them interact and play. 

My go to "mom uniform" is....Believe it or not my favorite yoga pants (lululemon, a comfy top and my white chucks)