The Most Important Thing You Need to do on Nov. 8th!

The Most Important Thing You Need to do on Nov. 8th (after feeding, bathing, and schooling your kids)

The upcoming presidential election is unlike any election most of us have ever experienced and I think I speak for most of us when I say, I can't wait for it to all be over! And in a few days, it will be just that - over! 

This election year, Presidential debates became a prime time spectacle of sorts, likened to a heavyweight boxing championship. There is the never ending Twitter feud, not to be confused with the Drake/Meek Mills beef, outrageous allegations, and exorbitant campaigns. It all makes for an unusually entertaining, electorate experience but not without consequence. Many would argue that the country is more divided now than it was eight years ago or even one year ago. There have been some harsh, offensive and downright unacceptable rhetoric used and often echoed during this election year. Many minority groups are feeling the backlash and continue to feel polarized as we approach Election Day. One large group includes women and #BossMoms alike - which is why it's more important than ever that we make sure our voices are heard on November 8th. With a little pre-planning and tweaking your to-do list, you can vote faster than your favorite Barista can make your latte. 

As #BossMoms we have an opportunity to be a part of history in the making. For the first time ever, we have a presidential candidate who is a #BossMom. But, I'm not here to tell you who you should vote for - as #BossMoms we are smart enough to make our own decisions and if we can spend weeks and months researching where our kids should go to school, what they should eat and what instruments they should play to help improve their concentration, then I know for damn sure we've already done our share of research on who should run our country. 


So you've done your research, you've looked at the facts, now what?! Hopefully you've registered to vote by now and you have received your voter ID card in the mail.

The actual voting process is easy but it's the process of finding time in your schedule and getting to your local polling station that can present a challenge. Whether you're a working mom, SAHM, #BossMom or all of the above, finding the time to get out and vote is no doubt a task that involves some pre-planning. You're likely staring at several loads of laundry, helping the kids with homework, paying bills, making dinner, scheduling a conference call, juggling work, planning a date night, at Target, writing a grocery list or planning your Thanksgiving dinner. Our to-do list is continuously growing and even when we cross something off, it's inevitable that another task is almost instantly added. But if there's one day we should press pause on our daily tasks, errands and to-dos, it's November 8th. Carving out a very small amount of time on Election Day to vote could help define how the next four years of our lives and very importantly, our children's lives are spent. 


I recently read an article by a 96-year-old senior editor of the New Yorker. Yes, you read correctly, 96 years young. The editor wrote about past elections he's voted in, and how how this year he will cast his 19th vote in what he believes is the most important vote of his lifetime. That message really struck a chord with me. If this writer has been voting since the 1940s and an election in 2016 is by far the most important election he will cast a ballot in - that is saying ALOT. His message was crystal clear - vote!


#BossMoms, on November 8th and in some states possibly earlier, make your voice heard and vote. If you need to ask Bae to stay with the kids while you run out to cast your ballot, do it! If you need to make arrangements with the sitter, nanny or relative - do it! Get together with other moms and take turns voting while one watches the little squad. Vote on Election Day as if the future of our #BossMomNation depended on it! 


Written by : Rosanne Ramkarran