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Shah here, let's talk about the importance of connecting with local moms in your area. It's amazing and very refreshing to meet fellow moms who share your common interest. The "mom community" is so strong on social media. Strong enough to where it has played a huge role in developing new friendships and support systems via the web. How cool is that? I mean seriously...did you think that one day some of the most supportive women you'd meet and connect with could possibly be on the other side of the globe than you?!!

As much as I love connecting with so many moms on Instagram, there's nothing like a good ol' in person connection. Which brings me to a cool story about how I met Crystal, she's a mom of 2 and the maker behind Little Bunches. I discovered her brand on Instagram then soon after I found her personal page, we connected and realized not only do we both live in the Bay Area but in the same city, like less than 10 mins away from each other!! We picked a day to  meet up in the park and we've been meeting up ever since. 

Crystal is super sweet and down to earth, she's a go getter and serious about raising her boys, taking care of home and working her business. My kind of girl!! I'm big on genuine, easy going connections and that's how it was for us. You know how you meet someone and once the conversation gets going, you feel like instant "mama friends"?! As mothers we can share endless struggle stories, laughs & advice, so it's always good to have a local support system, you know... like a mama tribe!!

I know what some of you might be thinking, you already have a circle of friends and you don't need any more. Make no mistake, I'm in no shortage of friends, in fact...I'm blessed with a hand FULL of amazing ones! But you never know what new bonds you can build, and how many moms you may come across in need of support. I challenge you to make an effort to reach out and connect when you come across a mom in your local area.

 The journey of motherhood is one hell of a ride, so gather up your tribe and support each other while you watch each other grow :)

Have you already connected with other moms in your area? Comment below and share, I'd love to know! time! Stay TRILL

Shah :)


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