Charlotte Betts: Motherhood the second time around.

I was born in Africa, and come from what I consider a large family. My mother is the oldest of ten, and she went on to have four kids of her own. I’ve got 3 brothers and growing up with 3 siblings was a blast! We didn’t always see eye to eye ( and we still have some disagreements) but such is life growing up with brothers.

I always knew I wanted children, and I used to say that I will take as many as God is willing to give me! I clearly didn’t know how “game changing” a second child would be. 

 I am sleep deprived because I’m convinced that my 5 month old is an owl and my threenager ( 3 going on 13) is so full of personality that every day is an adventure, some of which end up in meltdowns.

Yeah, motherhood the second time around is a journey like no other,  but it’s a magical one that confirms that we women are superSheros!

So, how has motherhood the second time around changed me? 


Simple things like going to the grocery store sans husband requires strategic planning, taking a shower alone for more than 15 minutes is somewhat “mission impossible” ( I like long showers) - and napping is a thing of the past; that whole “sleep when the kids are sleeping” does not apply in this household because my girls never nap at the same time, trust me I tried!

Yes, motherhood the second time around has its challenges, but the love, oh the love, and the kisses and the hugs and the laughter are blessings that outweigh all of those challenges.

And although I would love to sleep in passed 7AM on a Saturday, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

To motherhood!