BOSSMOM: Christina Bright

Highlighting, connecting, and sharing the stories of inspiring mothers is our thing. Today we're sharing an interview with another beautiful spirited mama, Christina Bright is super down to earth, funny, and she's all about promoting positive vibes. Follow her here on Instagram to see for yourself!!

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Where are you from or currently reside? I live in Newark, NJ where I was born and raised!


What do you consider to be your raw talent?  My ability to be transparent. I believe it's my superpower. It allows me to connect with every single person I have a conversation with.


Are you pursuing that talent?  If so, when did it spark? I've always talked A LOT. I remember genuinely caring about people from a really young age. I would talk to everyone because I was really interested in getting to know them and their stories. As I got older and more confident it started to evolve. I started bartending, and I realized that almost every customer became a regular customer and they would pour their hearts out to me on a regular basis (even BEFORE the drinks!). I learned that when you share something about yourself with people first, they will share something in return. It always feels like I've helped free them in some way, giving them permission to be raw, uncensored, and human without fearing judgement. I brought that superpower into the forefront of my social media and created a platform. Opportunities are continuing to present themselves and my dreams are manifesting daily.


The history (every journey has a story, what’s yours)?

I had a really awesome childhood. It wasn't perfect but I was surrounded by a lot of love and a lot of diversity. I'm bi-racial (black and Puerto Rican) and I spent a lot of time with both sides of my family, taking in both cultures. My parents weren't together so I also had step parents and even lived with my grandparents at one point. My cousins all lived with both of their parents but I didn't. It was challenging because I was different but I didn't realize that it would help me so much in life. I've grown to be very adaptive and that has helped me get through really rough times. I'm so grateful for everything I was exposed to. It allowed me to become a very open-minded person. I realized at a young age that perfection was not going to be the goal for me. I was the tall lanky, funny girl all the way through high school and even my early years of college.I made friends really easily but I also went through the "mean girl" phase. Even though I was actually really sweet on the inside, I always thought I had to be tough to protect myself. After having my son my senior year of college, I realized how important my energy was. Since then I made maintaining good energy a priority and have purged anything that compromised that toxic relationships, friendships, jobs and my own self-sabotaging ways included. That was my turning point. Now here I am- building a lifestyle brand, reaching thousands of people daily, raising a little king, and continuing to rise up to the occasion of fulfilling my purpose.

What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you?

Being a BOSSMOM means not using your children as a reason to put yourself and your dreams to the side, but instead standing up to the challenge and making them the very reason why you should pursue everything you've ever dreamed of.  


How has motherhood changed your perspective about life?

I always say that being a mom unleashed superpowers I never knew I had. It's inspired me to seek out the best version of myself because I feel that my son deserves that. He deserves to witness me accomplish my dreams so that he knows he can do the same. Before becoming a mother , I used to limit myself. Once God blessed me with my son I realized how much he loved me and I realized that anything I can dream up can be mine.  It made me kinder and more loving because I always remind myself that everyone is someone's baby girl or boy. Something happens to you when you become a mother. I was no longer number 1 on my list. He became my world and I had the responsibility and privilege of being his and I use that  as my source of motivation and strength. 


In what ways does your son inspire you most?

He's so affectionate and SMART as ever. He pays so much attention to detail and he holds me accountable to every little thing I say. "Mommy remember you said... " He inspires me to stick to my word and not make promises I can't keep. He also reminds me constantly that I don't have to be perfect... no matter if it's my best or worst day he always looks at me with the same big smile, and gives me that same big hug and kiss.



What has been most challenging as a mother?

As a mother you sacrifice so much. First your body and then your life. It's challenging to find balance sometimes. I find myself canceling/missing out on certain opportunities because I want to be at his football games or I promised him a move night. But I know that sometimes I have to disappoint him because I'm working my ass of to create a better life for the both of us. 

  • Coffee or Tea?Tea
  • Summer or Fall? SUMMER

  • Heels or Flats? HEELS

  • The perfect wardrobe staple? (the one item currently in your closet you cannot live without)Leather Motto Jacket!

  • A Perfect Sunday.....I wake up...meditate ...clean up......cook myself breakfast...relax..unplug from social media...take long hot shower while blasting some music...light some candles ...pour a glass of wine a little .. watch an unexpectedly awesome documentary on Netflix.... have a good conversation and SLEEP!

  • I feel inspired the most...... when I see an opportunity to really help someone who needs it. It inspires me to be creative and think outside of the box.