Co Sleeping vs. Sleep Training

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Hey mamas, Shah here!

Can I vent to ya'll for a minute? Okay good!!

Sleep is a luxury for me these days. Good sleep at least, I mean obviously I'm getting some sleep but it's just not that good ol' lay on your stomach with your head buried in the pillow deep undisturbed REM sleep. Lord knows I LIVE for the day I get to experience that level of sleep again!! I've always been the mom to co-sleep with my children, being that they've each been breastfed for a year and a half, co-sleeping has always just been more...convenient, I guess. Convenient in the sense that I don't have to fully get up for feedings, I can literally pop my boob out and satisfy my little one back to sleep.

The downside to this, as some would say, is that the child becomes much more attached and harder to transition into their own bed. I'll have to agree, but I choose to cross that bridge when it comes. Simply because the other option is just not my style. That other option being...

Sleep Training

Some have been very successful with it, but I could NEVER bare to listen to my child cry their heart out alone in a crib night after night. I read an article on stating this... "Run through your bedtime routine with the lights on, then place your baby in the crib drowsy but awake. Expect some tears, especially if she's used to falling asleep in your arms. For the first three nights, sit next to the crib in a chair, offering gentle, intermittent reassurances and occasional touches. If she becomes hysterical you can pick her up, but put her back as soon as she calms down. Stay beside the crib until she's sound asleep. Respond to night wakings the same way".

 Okay I'm sorry but that sounds bananas to me, I actually tried this technique with my second child Khayri who is now 5. It didn't work, the whole hang around by the crib and comfort them when they cry but put them back down thing just seemed to make things worse. To me, it upsets the child more! Almost as if you're giving them hope that now they are going to feel the comfort of their mothers arms, all to be let down when you place them back in the lonely crib. So sad. I do envy the mothers whom this has worked for, cheers to you and all the lovely sleep you must be getting.

I do believe if you can make it through, there are some major benefits! You end up with a child that sleeps longer hours through the night, they are more likely to self soothe themselves back asleep and they most likely will sleep in their own bed without attachment issues as they get older. Sounds good right?! Yeah I know, but we all have to do what works for us and the rhythm that feels best for our babies.

My current bedtime routine goes a little something like this...around 8:30 I give Aziz a nice warm sink bath, dry him off and lotion him down! I'll nurse him and if he doesn't fall asleep, I usually put him in my ergo baby carrier for about 30 mins while I do my nightly cleaning before bed. He usually falls asleep within 15 mins or so, the next task is to lay him down out of the carrier and into his crib undisturbed (fingers crossed). He'll sleep in his bed for about 2 hrs on a good night, his crib is arms reach right next to our bed. Once he wakes, I put him in the bed with me to nurse back to sleep. From that point on we're pretty much stuck like glue!!! Now keep in mind, by NO means does every night go like this. Some nights, he's very irritated due to teething and we're up until about 11 trying to make him comfortable enough to fall asleep. This requires more nursing than usually (my poor boobs) yeah I know you were thinking it!!

The moral of the story what works and adjust accordingly! I think I'll try my own version of sleep training after we get through this teething stage. As much I'm missing good sleep, one day I'll be missing the snuggled up co-sleeping stage that we're currently in. It all moves so fast, so I'm excepting the good with the bad :) In the meantime pray for ya girl!

sleep training

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