Editors Letter

BUILDING THE BRAND: They Don’t Call Us #BOSSMOMs For Nothing

3 years ago we sat on the phone from two different coast exchanging conversations about style craves. So, we started a brand, or at least we thought we did. What really happened was the opening of an online store that served no purpose besides a place to buy cute trendy clothes. Which eventually we became one of the many “boutiques” you would find on Instagram. We served no one and had no voice. This was not us.  

We were multitasking mommies with style far from “trendy”. Our style was dope, it was relaxed, it was lavish, it was bossy and it was all rolled into one. There also wasn’t a shortage of women who we admired that possessed this cool girl spirit of motherhood. It was a no brainer to refocus and start a brand. Fast forward two years! We already had a store and we were selling “stuff” but now we had a mission backed by a clear vision to celebrate motherhood.

More like modern motherhood. We called this mama the BOSSMOM. Not only did we see her in us, we saw her everywhere we looked, except for advertising. Big brands catered to the careless twenty-something with no children or the settled down soccer mom. It was important for us to show that the BOSSMOM existed and she is very relevant!

The BOSSMOM was the cool girl that never followed the crowd and one day eventually had children and became a momma. A badass momma. Her style stays in tact. It isn't a 24/7 thing but it is definitely a forefront in her life. She makes mistakes but she recovers well and takes pride in keeping her babies happy and safe. She realizes perfection can only be defined as her best. To sum it all up she's a BOSS! She’s a multi-tasker and manages this motherhood and personal style thing. And we absolutely love her!

ClosetPIECE is here to deliver content and a community relevant to the BOSSMOM.

So, why the name closetPIECE?

Because we're a style brand first! Style for the BOSSMOM is different. She must possess specific items in her closet to be ready within minutes. With this fact in mind, we believe your closet must have PIECES that helps with this. Our first step was acknowledging BOSSMOMs with a badge of honor and we created the BOSSMOM t-shirt. We are currently working hard to curate the perfect collection of pieces for the BOSSMOM on the move. The uniform! Our first piece of the collection is set to launch this Fall 2015. Fingers crossed we meet our deadline!!

With Aliyah making her move back the west coast (the best coast) this is our first time EVER being able to work together on our brand in the same time zone. We’ve survived these 3 years on different time zones and over the phone conference calls. We are beyond excited to work the sh*t out of our plan and make some major progress. All while building our community of BOSSMOMs in what we call our BOSSMOM Nation. We are extremely proud to be here and receive the support of everyone so far! Believe us, the love is cray!

We will document and update our journey to share with you all each month with our new "Editors Letter". We hope to inspire and continue to be inspired by our modern mom community. Thank you so much for your support, stay tuned for GREATNESS!

With love,

Aliyah & Shah