Girls, Shades and Stuffed Cats?

A girl can never have too many glasses! Shah and I took our 6-year-old baby girls (Saniyah and Justice) out to prepare for the summer sun by buying some new fancy shades. Us both being mothers of children of multiple ages and genders, we realize sometimes it's very important to give a little individualized attention to each child in a different way. So, we didn't feel bad ditching our other kids to chill with the big girls for the day!

We shopped around a couple of stores for some girlie glasses. You know, the usual Old Navy, Justice, H+M  but #TargetDoesItAgain and we scored some caayuute shades worthy of a cool girl!

Saniyah picked out some clear framed mirrored glasses (the dope Ray-Ban style) which is completely on trend. Justice went a little retro with some multi-colored framed glasses in a pentagon shape. 

After picking out the glasses, we spent some time walking through the neighborhood picking flowers and joking around. Actually, that's what the girls did. Shah and I followed in a BOSSMOM, paparazzi style manner but it was such a joy seeing our girls get together just like we used to. High five to that!