Being able to see real BOSSMOMs in action is our true passion here at closetPIECE. But sometimes, I have to sit back and admire the one BOSSMOM I get to work with daily. We both entered this venture with children in arms, so when she called and let me know a "plus one" (the new baby) was joining the party, I had already planned to pick up any slack that may be needed. With the baby being just a couple months away, the introduction of new products and a new site, I am truly in awe at how this equal partnership remained, an equal partnership! 
There's no better way to hit this BOSSMOM day than with a quick Q+A with my bestie about motherhood and her... sanity!

What are some things you weren't expecting to come with motherhood? 
I wasn't expecting to learn so much about myself — the good and bad. Things I needed to work on as well as the things that make me such a great mom. I was a bit selfish before having children, not so much in the sense of not sharing or caring for others, I just really cared about myself more and wasn't really willing to sacrifice much of me for anyone else. Boy did that change! I've made many lifestyle and career changes due to motherhood, but I've embraced it all and for that I am undoubtedly a better WOMAN.

What's the one thing you must have to stay a happy mommy?ME TIME. It's not a treat. It's a NECESSITY! As much as I love spending time with my family, I'm pretty fond of spending time alone or with a girlfriend for some time away. 

Your favorite thing to do with your babes? I love the simplicity of taking them to the park right by our house, for a few reasons. They get so excited to take their bikes, scooters, & skateboards out of the garage and make the 2 minute walk to down the street to get there. One of our nieghbors has a loquat tree that the kids LOVE to pick from on the way to the park and back home. I usually take a blanket with a book or a few magazines to enjoy while they play. It's the easiest thing I can do that makes them happy and  let's them burn off some energy all while giving me a minute to relax. 

Keeping it 100: you make motherhood look effortless, how often do you go a little CRAY?
Do I really make it look that good?!! Why thank you!!! LOL. Okay but seriously sh*t gets crazy every so often and my patience is tested on a regular. Do I always pass the test? ABSOLUTELY not. Let's just be honest, as a mother some days you're bound to lose your cool. One too many "he hit me", "she hit me first", "I'm not your friend" and "I'm not your friend either" can drive you to the edge and quickly have you considering to jump!! Sounds crazy I know, but don't worry, I'll never jump. I usually just end up yelling at my children and separating them to keep the peace. Now yelling may not always be the best answer but sometimes it's the one thing to save you from going completely nuts. Just keeping it 100! But the bright side of it all is that each day is different and I get a new opportunity to gain more patience as I teach my children about kindness, sharing, and loving each other.  As for making motherhood look effortless, don't let the cute pictures fool you honey! It's not always sunshine and butterflies on this journey but it's quite an amazing ride :)