Happy New Years! Let's Pop Babies...


Where did the year go? Our 2015 was filled with many bittersweet moments but we're happy to have come out alive through it all! We such an ambitious team of mamas and we swore that by the end of 2015, we would have conquered the world. So, we fell a little short but it was a good shot. That's the whole point of being a BOSSMOM. Pop babies. Do good business. Live, learn, love and have fun!

Now it's 2016. We have our planners in tow, our NATION of women backing us and the world at our fingertips to conquer (again)! Oh, What a Time to be Alive (Drizzy Voice)!

We want to sincerely thank and give a cheers to all the BOSSMOMS and BOSSMOMS to be. You all are our inspiration and we couldn't have picked a better group of women to be with in this NATION coming into 2016!

What are you crushing this 2016? Leave us a comment below!

xoxo Aliyah + Shah