Kristen “MemeSu” Anderson

When we become mothers its easy to fall into a slump with our style, we grab whatever is quick and easy and dash out the door to tackle the many things we have to do in a day. Kristen is an awesome example of how a mom can maintain her style through motherhood in an effortless fashion. Her looks are very sophisticated with a casual "mom style" vibe. Check out her crew out and how she styled our classic tee!

Sticking to my mains, I took a great pair of high waist dark washed skinny jeans and paired them with a peplum faux leather coat with suede ankle booties to give some edge. Adding some color, an infinity purple scarf was wrapped around my neck and woolah!

Where are you from or currently reside? I was born and raised in Albany, Ga. I currently live in Atlanta, Ga

How has motherhood changed your sense of style? I’ve gone through a couple of changes within motherhood with my style. Initially, when I was a younger Mom, I felt the need to hide my style because I thought Moms couldn't wear certain things like heels, tight jeans etc… As I've matured and become more comfortable in my own skin, I wear what I want and don’t shy away from a sexy pair of skinny jeans or heels. I will tastefully wear the hell out of them to a PTA meeting! Lol!

What would you consider your "mom uniform"? Jeans and a tee or just a t-shirt dress. Depending on what I have to do determines the accessories and shoes!

What does being a BOSSMOM mean to you? A woman going after her passions and goals, taking care of herself and giving that awesome version of who she is to her spouse, children and business. She’s a BOSSMOM because she’s unapologetic about who she is and her wants!  The position of Mom and Spouse is respected and she’s beast at taking care of her family! She knows what has to be done & she’s got this!

Who or what inspires your style the most? My head is always in a fashion magazine so I get a lot of my ideas from flipping through the pages of that fashion goodness but I’m most inspired by street style when I have my people watching sessions. Street style is awesome because it’s a lot of people out here taking fashion risks and expressing themselves through hairstyles and funky ways to wear accessories etc... They get me pumped to take my simple style to another level.

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