Kathryn Chizuko

About Her Look: "I absolutely love prints! My favorite thrift find are these Uh-Mazing pants! Love them! Great for on the go! I usually pair with a graphic tee (BOSS MOM is my new fav) & a pair of flats."

About Her Style: "My style is comfort mixed with casual chic. I like to look effortless, not over-the-top-flashy so a few key pieces and I'm good to go. My go-tos are watches, studs, shoes & makeup! Everything else falls in place after that even if I just throw on some sweats. I like to be comfortable and polished. period.! #CoolGirl"

How does your style affect your babe?

I've always loved to dress my son. I think that our children are a direct representation of ourselves...

Kat's son, King (that's his name--yeah, we know, super dope) in Ozzie + Olive


About Her Wish List: "It's a compilation of items that call my name when I see them. The list is revised daily and consists mostly of higher priced items or items that require some extent of customization. (customization = wish list appropriate. ha! They go on the list and that allows me time to decide exactly how I want to put my fingerprint on it). It's about quality for me. Price is considered, but it's a dim light compared to quality"

 What do you own that you consider to be the perfect closet PIECE?...

About Her Closet: "Prints are definitely my favorite. They are what I gravitate to when I shop for sure. I get excited just thinking about all of the possibilities & usually envision pairing with a neutral palette. Oversized tees and off the shoulder sweaters are next up. I just love them! You won't find anything skin tight in my closet, except my jeans ha! Confidence is sexy. Remember that."