Khat Rabbani

Everyday is a new day to strive towards your purest potential. Dig deep and uncover your purpose. Once you find purpose you find freedom!  Lastly make your passion your Paycheck!

- Khat Rabbani -

We are so excited and proud to feature our very own sisterfriend Khat, she is undeniably one to notice. As co-founder of the international hair extension brand Hair Are Us, Khat and her partner have made tremendous strides since opening their business in 2011. Their modest investment of $2,000 catapulted them to over $1MM in revenues and a striking CNBC interview entitled Make Millions Off Your Business Before Others Do.

I actually recognized my talent for doing hair when i was a very young girl. My mom was by no means a hairstylist! Four plats or two afro puffs was the BEST I could get out of her lol! By the age of 8 I knew those styles just weren’t going to cut it! I had a clear idea of how i wanted my hair to look and feel. My mom would then send me to a few neighboring salons which a couple of them turned me away, stating my hair was to thick, kinky & overall to problematic to get serviced. Hearing that as a lil girl def took a gab at my self esteem but within that very moment it sparked a motive inside of me to do what was so challenging and impossible for others.

I eventually took matters into my own “little” hands. I sectioned my hair into 4 squares and I pulled out the blowdryer, hot comb, murray’s or gel; whatever tools and products I needed to have my hair fried, dyed and laid to the side just the way I liked it. By the age of 11 I perfected how to tame my mane healthfully! I was deep conditioning,trimming and fully styling my own hair. I would get many compliments on my hair and how it looked as if I just came from the salon. Boy did that make me feel good!

As time progressed, I self taught myself different weaving, cutting & coloring techniques that I would try out on myself, friends and family. I was a certified kitchentician!  By the time I was in high school I knew a career within the hair/beauty industry would fit me well! I gained a true passion for making people look and feel beautiful starting with their hair! Soon after high school, I enrolled into cosmetology school and never looked back! Less than 10 years later, Im now a successful expert in the hair extensions industry with two full service salons/beauty retail stores with a third on the way! I’m truly bless to be living my passion.

The current situation of my business Hair Are Us is conducting expansion & team building! We’re in the process of opening our third retail/salon location in Los Angeles top of the year (spring 2015). With opening this new store, we have to get it fully staffed with stylist, sales associates, a general manager and a local marketing team. Even though my business partner and I have done this twice before it’s always the biggest challenge.

As a owners, we have to select potential employees with a fine tooth comb. Your team & staff is a direct reflection of your company! Therefore, employment is one most difficult part within a business because you never truly know who’s a good fit for your business until they began working for. The trail and error of this situation can be a tedious ongoing process. However, I plan to work it with patients and grace!

Building any superb team will be challenging. However, the reward is priceless once all the right individuals align. So overall my business is currently trying to align with its growth! We’re very blessed to have the opportunity to expand and I’m looking forward to building another A 1 team!

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