KID STYLE: Kathryn Chizuko

Today we're talking kids style with Kathryn Chizuko along with a few tips on how she styles her son! We believe next to every stylish mother should be her equally stylish kid, don't you agree?! Well continue reading to see Kathryn's point of view!


Pet Peeve. 

When parents are on point, polished down to their toes, hair on fleek, magazine photoshoot ready, and see their child(ren); appearance unkempt, accessories non-existent, looking like their parents pulled out a pair of pants and a shirt from the bottom drawer and said "put this on, let's go" and walked out of the house. Umm! Wait! Whaaaaat!?


Food For Thought:

Our children are a direct reflection of ourselves! So the effort that you put into making sure that your child(ren) look presentable should match or even surpass the effort that you put into yourself. #BossMom

We ALL know that kids grow out of clothing at a disturbing rate and splurging on every single item for them just doesn't make sense for the everyday mom's budget. While we can have many splurge items in our closet...I mean- we are done growing right?! So it makes more sense for us, but with them, we just can't justify it! I sure can't!  However, we can still show the world that we care, and that the life/lives that we birthed into this world are just as dope and stylish as we are! #BossMom

Let's talk Kids with style! (boys)

His Hair! 

For a long time, King didn't want to cut his hair. We rocked ponytails and the fro! Now at 4, he decided he was ready for a cut...  We kept the length on top & now he's rocking the #Manbun !

Let's go! 

You know that..."We're late! We have to go! " moment. Yes! This calls for grabbing a tee and some pants and getting to where you have be. So when this happens to you... choose a tee (honestly it could be a plain white tee-really doesn't matter b/c it's the small details that are going to make the difference. Roll the sleeves. If they are short, roll them. If they are long, roll them or push them back far enough so that you can see the forearms), lastly grab a pair of pants and a bracelet/watch. Our kids should have go-to items just like us!

Our go-to's are raglans and cropped pants! They are the easiest to throw together for our 'lets go!' moments! so we have a drawer full of both!  

[Raglan: RileyClayDesigns | Pants: Ozzie+Olive | Shoes: SaltWater Sandals]


Mama it's cold outside!

If you are like me, you love to layer! When it's cold out, this is the perfect opportunity to layer up your babe! Denim jackets, sweats , beanies, hoodies, scarfs, boots. The possibilities are endless! Our go-to's are camo cargos and our favorite denim jacket.

Hoodie: Blackout Ozzie+Olive | Denim Jacket: Chilren's Place | Pants: Ozzie+Olive | Shoes: Converse]

Everyday Casual.

Let's dress our kids for the lifestyle that we live. He's just like his mama. Our daily is pretty casual. So for him I keep it simple. Polished enough to step out of the house and run errands with me, but comfy enough for us to hit the park on the way home.

Our Must-haves are tees- usually the Please&Thank you tee b|c manners are important, joggers/harems, and converse. When it's a denim kind of day... our go-to is definitely our distressed Black denim!  

There you have it!! A few awesome style suggestions for your little guy to keep him as fresh as's only the BOSSMOM thing to do :) If you'd love to grab a few of the pieces shown head on over to Ozzie & Olive to check out Kathryn's shop!!