Lake Merritt

As we all know fitness is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's a challenge to stay focused and be consistent with a workout routine. I've learned  that it's extremely important to find a routine that you actually enjoy. That's the only fuel that will keep you going!! I've never done well or accomplished much at the gym. Don't get me wrong I can run the treadmill like nobody's business but that's about all I would do. Simply running the treadmill never felt like a complete workout so I quickly became bored and hungry for a more fulfilling  and challenging routine.

I grew up near a very popular landmark in my hometown Oakland, California called Lake Merritt. It's such a beautiful location that the city has made great effort to maintain. The lake consists of a 3 mile radius around it which I  ABSOULTELY love to run  in the mornings after I drop my children off at school. 

There's nothing like a good outdoor run, it's actually  quite exhilerating for me! What I love most is that once I start running I feel like there's no turning back, I must complete the full 3 miles to make it back around to my car. With the right music pumping through my headphones I'm able to push through the rough moments when I just want to stop. I take one or two breaks for a quick minute but in order keep up with my 35 min record time I have to keep it moving.

Before I complete my workout I try to push my self to sprint up and down these stairs right across from the lake for about 20 mins. It gives me a really great leg workout before I'm all done. Although I'm COMPLETELY worn out and exhausted by the time I wrap up, I feel great at the same time. So, take the time to figure out a fitness routine that you love, it will keep you motivated and excited to make it a consistent part of your lifestyle. Good Luck :)