Love Red Day

 Happy V-Day Love Birds & Cool Girls!

Long gone are the days of wishing for Cupid's arrow to hit, but I could care less! What better excuse to indulge in red, chocolates, roses and a few gifts than the day of love? For us Cool Girls, conventional methods of love exchanges are no longer limited to your boy crush. We share this day with our BFFF (Best Fv$king Friend Forever) or our precious little babes. Even the idea of gift giving can be curved or cut altogether!

So, try keeping that in mind when planning your v-day this weekend. Boss Moms, have fun making heart-shaped pancakes with your babes. Reserve the middle of the day to meet up with your bestie for lunch and end the night with your favorite guy! However you celebrate it, keep it #RelaxedLavish and post great pics to IG!


Whether you opt to celebrate it, or not celebrate it, you can't help but to agree that Valentines Day is full of inspiration to share love and wear red.