Loving Without Limits: How Autism Made Me a Better Mom

Autism Sucks. However its journey has been very enlightening. Like many autism moms, hearing

that my son has autism was like having the wind knocked out of me. It was like falling and not knowing 

how to get back up. As I digested all the medical reports, assessments, and stories of others, I felt 

beyond helpless. All I saw in our future was hurdle after hurdle. After a tumultuous grieving process, I 

decided I was going to get back up. I was going to clean up the pile of broken dreams and create a new 

one, a better one. 

I firmly believe there is a blessing in every life lesson, but you have to be open to it. I was open 

but I couldn’t see how such a disheartening disorder was going to improve any views on life. But it did. It 

slowed my life way down, almost to a screeching halt. It was then I got a chance to look around and see 

all the beauty in life and motherhood. I became more connected to what was important like faith, 

family, experiences, and health. I was finally able to find joy and gratitude in the smallest things. 

Moments were no longer taken for granted.  In the beginning I yearned for the days I would hear my son 

I love you. As my ears lay waiting I learned to listen with my heart. Simple things he did like touch my 

cheek made me feel loved.  Every kiss, hug, squeeze, and glance from my son warmed my heart and 

filled me with immense happiness. I learned to be patient with life but relentless with effort. Most 

importantly I learned to love without limits.   I set out to heal my son and in the process he healed me.