The transition from Full time make-up Artist to a full time mother of two, under two was everything but easy. If I had to sum it up in a few words I would say it was like going from fab to drab! All worth it of course. As we do one-hundred and one things for our families I quickly realized it was vital I put some energy into ME! Since a full on smokey eye with stacked lashes wasn't a necessity for my new job description, I found a new way. A boss mom way. A stylish, fast, efficient approach that works for every cool girl out there! 

Here I used #Bossmom Shah as my model to show you a quick demo on how to achieve this look....Check it out! Skin is always in!!! Be sure to hydrate it properly with a moisturizer and eye cream. We chose cream with a pearl essence glow which allows you to use less foundation, yet still gives u a natural glow regardless of your choice of foundation.

Keep your EYE on the prize! Since eyes are the window to our souls we definitely don't want them creasing or fading. The solution to that problem is simple! Slap on any primer or eyeshadow base with your finger or a brush. We chose a creamy lightweight paint to do the trick. Boss mom Shah applies hers with a flat brush. When you are running low on time but need to make a statement, give your brows a little TLC! A simple technical brow pencil and a light strike will do the trick. Line your arch then simply apply small sketches to fill the remainder of brow.

Choose a neutral shadow that goes with everything and compliments your face. Apply the shadow from lash to crease. For a bolder effect add a deeper color in crease.

Choose a pencil in brown, grey or black to finish the eye. When it comes to eyeliner pencil can be just as tricky as liquid. So here's my boss mom tip: draw line across lashes then take an angle brush to smooth out any imperfections. Polish eyes off with ur favorite voluminous mascara, Voila!

 Since we started with the eyes it allows time for your skincare to settle in. For low maintenance and easy cleanup use a foundation sponge to dab and blend your way to a flawless face! Use a concealer under eye for a quick pick me up. Add your favorite blush for a bit of color.

Any neutral lip shall do the trick!

Spice it up if u have 1 extra minute!