Mama Issues: "Self-care in Motherhood"

Self-care in Motherhood

I didn't expect motherhood to spark such a flame in my spirit. This journey for so many mamas is a self learning experience. I've found hidden truths about myself, I never knew I could have unconditional love for another human. With all the yelling and the outrageous tantrums I encounter daily. Theres the common cool down stage after a meltdown, and I look into the eyes of my child and see myself, and within that moment, I am more in need of my child's love, kisses and hugs,than she probably is for mine. 


The challenges some mothers go through is trying to get to a space where they can love themselves as much as their children love them. If we could look through the eyes of our offspring, and see what they see in us; you know this big world that they truly believe we can conquer? Then our confidence would be through the roof. The woman that has now redefined herself through motherhood, deserves to know her worth. You are worthy of self care, and you don't need anyone to validate that for you. It's important to demand what you want and need so that your space of fear, depression and anxiety is replaced with magic peace and positive energy.


Daughter, sister and friend are titles we are born with. The title 'mother', also known as creator, is something we are blessed enough to add to more reasons of why we have purpose on this planet. While we're all these powerful and compassionate beings, we have to remember we are also our own person, and yes we take care of the people associated with our titles, but when does self care come to play? Take lead in the title 'ME' because who you are is vital. We mustn't forget a relationship that is so important that if it fails, all other titles we posses cannot prosper to be great. It's the relationship we have with ourselves. Make time for you! I know you're busy right? I get it. Start off with something small, check in with your emotions, say out loud how you're feeling, and be honest with yourself while doing so. Simply sit still, with your favorite album on repeat. Moisturize places on your body you would normally rush.


It's not selfish to indulge in yourself, learn more about your ways, your truths and your body. Forget those dirty dishes and put on your finest robe, light candles, as many as you want. Burn enough to draw the light from within your soul. Fill up the bathtub as the steam from the water rises, add your favorite soap that stimulates your senses. And as you step in, release all the weight from your day and let it flow down the drain. 


You deserve happiness, your child deserves a mother at peace and a gem with her most precious inwards. It wasn't until my journey in motherhood that I discovered that I am strong capable and creative. Every mother has gifts waiting to be unwrapped, take care of your gifts, know that self care is self love, and it can heal all the postpartum wounds. Set your mind free, your babes will thank you for going at a pace that was set best for them, and YOU.