Melissa de Mata

For me, being a "Cool Girl" isn't so much about status as it is about being comfortable with yourself. It's not about having the most high paying job, with the most expensive clothes and the flashiest accessories; it's about the internal confidence you have when you're at peace with who and where you are at the moment.

Dressing for the season: Currently, my Bay Area winter style is the usual boots, jeans, and sweater combo. Wearing a beanie or a hat is almost necessary these days since I can't be bothered to style my hair (which will get ruined by fog, wind, or rain anyway).

I really love being able to layer and continually mix my lighter pieces with heavier ones for both texture and warmth. Thankfully, it doesn't get too cold in San Francisco so we can still get away with baring ankles and wearing lighter cotton fabric.

One last style tip that I always live by: NEVER buy shoes you can't walk it no matter how cute they are. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful woman  hobbling along because her heels are too small, tall, or uncomfortable for her.

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