Momcrushin' on Ivanna Marie



Meet Ivanna!! She's the mama behind the blog  "Petite Heartbeat" Her intro goes a little something like this...

"I’m aspiring to live a healthy, happy + simplistic life that is both helpful to others and pleasing to God. To me this includes being physically fit, spiritually well and mentally free. I also have a passion for helping others get happy + healthy! 

Why she blogs? 

"I started this blog because I wanted a way to share my passion for healthy living and fitness with my friends, family and the world. I also want to be able to offer support and encouragement to friends and strangers. These are my primary goals here at Petite Heartbeat"


Why petite heartbeat? 

"When deciding what to call my blog I wanted to have a name that encompassed me as a person as well as reflected what I like to do. The petite part basically describes my frame I’m 5’0 on a good day! The heartbeat comes in when I thought about my love for helping people. It also reflects my love for getting my heart pumping with exercise, and knowing as long as it is beating I’m alive and I want to live life to the fullest."


We are completely crushin' on this mama and the amount of value she delivers, if you're interested in improving your lifestyle, eating better and staying fit, then click on the pictures below to read a few REALLY good post on Ivanna's blog. You can thanks us later :)

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