As I raise my children and lead them in the right direction there are many days where I feel like not so great of a mom. Some days I just want to focus on ME and the things that I want to do, as if I could actually take a day off from motherhood. Haha! Not going to happen! My life is a constant balancing act between being a supportive wife, an active mother as well as devoting time to my own creative projects that I'm passionate about.

When I deciding to start blogging the first thought that ran through my mind was " I don't want to be just another style blogger". Now don't get me wrong, I'm a true believer in the term "Style is a way to say who your are without having to speak" so what I wear and how I present my style to the world is important BUT, there are FAR more things that reach the top of my list of priorities. Starting with my children, they are an example of the most important work I do on a DAILY basis. Making sure they are well mannered, respectable, kind and happy little beings is NO WALK IN THE PARK.  It's a challenge each and every day.

Although this journey is not always a smooth ride, I'm often rewarded for the effort I give. Like when I notice my son Khayri being kind and sharing with other children while at the park, always saying Please and Thank you and telling me he loves me at least 6 or 7 times a day. Or when Saniyah was the first student in her class to be student of the month for her kind spirit , ready to learn attitude and progressive reading skills. When I take a mintue to reflect on those things I realize that it's all the fruits of my labor. I think to myself, Yep!! That was all me!! :)

Taking the two minute walk with Saniyah and Khayri to the park down the street from our home. It's our favorite place to visit to get out of the house quickly, plus this great California weather makes it a go-to year round!