"I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is." -Tyler Knott Gregson

Here I am 39 weeks pregnant and it's still a bit surreal that I'm doing this again. Creating new life is such an amazing journey for a woman, with many emotions involved. The third time around has definitely been a different experience for me mentally. With my first two I was just going with the flow and shooting the breeze which ever way it blew me. Not this time! I'm much more of a planner, and reflecting on how my life is going to change now with 3 little people to care for. How will I make enough time for everyone individually? will the younger 2 drive me crazy while I need time to be peaceful and adjust with the  new baby? will I be able to still give my husband the attention he needs? So many thoughts running through my mind as the end is so near. What I know for sure is that life is about transitioning through different stages and I'm just praying for patience to make it through. This life I've been given is truly a blessing so regardless of how tough my journey ahead is, I have my amazing little family to go through and GROW through it with :)

Below are some great moments captured by our friend and team photographer Melissa de Mata, she's truly a gem behind the lens...just scroll along and see for yourself!

Wouldn't you love to see some behind the "BOSSMOM" scenes of this shoot? Of course you would so go ahead and click here !!