The Power of Podcasts

So am I late to the Podcast party or no?!

Consider me an obsessed serial podcasts listener! Yes, let it marinate....

I've recently discovered the power in listening to a podcast and how much value it has added to my daily thinking and train of thought.

We're in the age of information, there's so much of it to consume on a daily basis, right at our fingertips. It's best to choose wisely what you decide to consume, for me, I normally love to read a great book or an interesting article. But, these days having a moment to sit and read is VERY rare, which is why podcasts are soooooo amazing for me. I be able to tune in to something that feeds my brain while I cook, clean, or drive is right up my alley. Today I'm going to share with you what podcast I'm loving :)

Being Boss // A Podcast for CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS. Get your business together. Get yourself into what you do, and see it through.

Why I love it..First off, its by 2 dope ass women! This podcast is full of inspiration, tips, and real talk about how to effectively run your creative business. I'm SOLD!

#Girlboss Radio // Sophia Amoruso hopes to humanize the known, champion the unknown, and, well, laugh a little at the absurdity that is life. Are you ready?

Why I love it....It's by the Girlboss herself! Enough said :)

Working Motherhood //  A podcast created for you, the working mother. Each episode brings you one of today's most inspiring and successful working moms who will share their journey of having both career and a family.

Why I love it....I'm completely intrigued and inspired by the many women that are kicking ass in business while maintaining family life. Listening to their advice and stories gives me hope!

The Alpha Female Podcast //  A weekly podcast designed to inspire you to live like an Alpha Female. An Alpha Female is a powerful and assertive woman. Her confidence is due to being an intelligent and intellectual problem-solver.

Why I love it...The definition of the Alpha Female alone is enough to keep me tuned in.


The Accidental Creative // A podcast that shares how to build practical, everyday practices that help you stay prolific, brilliant and healthy in life and work.

Why I love it...This podcast helps me tap into my creative genius and dig a little deeper.


How They Blog // Blogging tips, tricks and interviews with successful bloggers

Why I love it...Kat Lee interviews some really amazing bloggers who drop major gems for anyone who's in the blogging world and looking to improve their content.

The Glambition Radio //  Join entrepreneur Ali Brown each week as she interviews today’s top new thought leaders, passionate business builders, multi-million dollar mavens, and catalysts of change.

Why I love it..I discovered Ali Browns blog years ago and I actually just added her podcast to my app I'm sure she'll be sharing some amazingness.

The Inspired to Action Podcast // It's like a pep talk for moms. Motivating interviews, practical tips and lots of fun yet-insanely-useful conversation with people who believe in YOU and the amazing role you have as a mother. You're a mom. You're totally a big deal.

Why I love it... because it's rough being a mother some times, and Its such a breath of fresh air to hear from mothers who share your struggle and inspire you to keep pushing forward. 

Marketing in Your Car // n just 10 minutes a day you can learn marketing, traffic, conversions and sales from internet marketing expert Russell Brunson. Each podcast is under 10 minutes, so you can get this priceless information in bite size chunks in your car!

Why I love it...It's quick and it's impactful!

If you click on each picture it will link you to the podcast, also if you have an iPhone, just go to your podcast app and add each one directly to your app. That way you'll have quick and easy access! Okay mamas, there you have it! I'll be checking in and sharing what I'm learning and loving from these podcasts as I go. Hope you'll check out a few, if so, let me know!!!