Oh Jenna!



Oh Jenna....how I love thee!

I've never been big on having a "Style Icon". My style inspiration has always been based strictly upon my mood..but then came Jenna. She stole my fashion heart! I mean.....she's dope in the most effortless way possible.  For those of you who don't know Jenna Lyons is the creative genius behind the J. Crew brand A.K.A. "Creatve Director".Her style is Menswear meets Cool Girl.  Below is a small piece of an interview she did on "Into the Gloss", she gives her opinion about style as well as her vision for J. Crew....

"There's sexiness in not trying to be sexy. Sexy for J. Crew is something more natural, not when everything is firing on all cylinders. There has to be something that’s a bit undone. You can’t have perfect hair, and clothes, and makeup—you need an element of imperfection to make you feel like there’s a person behind it all.

I was talking to Anna Wintour about this when we were discussing the red carpets last year, both of us wanted to go and just mess people up a bit. Everyone was so perfect! Everyone’s tan and primped and coifed and there’s no ease. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be in that level of spotlight and to be photographed from every single angle while you’re talking and laughing and all these things. You’re so vulnerable! So I get it, but I still just want to go in and mess up people’s hair. Lena Dunham was the one person who didn’t feel overly coiffed. I think she’s one of the most courageous women in television today, partially because of that—and she takes a lot of hits for it, too. She looks beautiful, but you can see her skin and you can see that she’s human. That humanness is something that we’re always striving for with J. Crew. Even if the hair is pulled up perfectly, there has to be that one little piece that comes off."

After reading this interview I could'nt help but love her even more......Major Girl Crush!

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