Perfect Pout

Cold weather often demands a call to action when it comes to lip moisture. A handy lip balm may be all the protection you need...or have!

Besides, moisturized lips are the perfect compromise to skipping on the pigmented pucker. You are now able to wildly kiss your crush or sneak a sip from your besties tea cup without leaving a trace!

10 Cool Girls and Boss Moms chime in on what is their go-to lip savior. Hopefully, you can find a new love or be content with your already favorite!


My Notes: I love these little balls too. I have them everywhere in my home, car, bag, suitcase, sofa cushions, etc. They are even great for husband and son. They can use it without feeling "girlie" (as long as it's not the pink or purple one)!

My Notes: Of course this little bit of information and amazing branding drove me straight to Sephora but they were sold out! Morenike forewarned me about this but I found something to get anyway plus it was time for my Sephora birthday present (did I mention my birthday is this month?) LOL. However, this product is available online and I'm excited to go get it because it is HIGHLY recommended by Morenike. See why on her blog here!

My Notes: Kiehls is one of those brands I have definitely eyed for some time but never purchased. I remember walking into one of the stores, getting confused, and walking out! The price tag isn't bad at all and I only found great reviews online. A must try!

My Notes: Blistex has never been at the top of my list. I guess I always assumed I should have some fancy showboat name or pretty packaging. Beyond my recognition, this brand has a 21 product line up!

Since my son is ALWAYS misplacing his balms, I just pull anything off the shelf and last time it was Blistex in a wonderfully smelling stick that somehow ended up as a full-face foundation on my 3-year old! Nevertheless, I will buy again (even for myself)!

My Notes: She mentioned that this goes great under her matte lipsticks (I love matte lipsticks) but $20 bucks for this tin can and my huge lips! Hey, I'll try anything twice! I'll keep you posted...

My Notes: There's nothing wrong with some color and great feeling lips. Who else can admit that they are in love with at least 1 to 10 drug store brand make-up items? Boss Mom B.Dray also mentioned the "Shameless (The Deep Purple) looks just like MAC's "Heroine" matte lipstick but definitely creamier". #GoodLook

My Notes: Packaging always gets me! Have you seen these cute little tubs? I interviewed more than 10 women for this article and this "classic" was mentioned a few times!

My Notes: This answer by Malika took me back. I carried one these around with me everywhere back in high school along with those fruit flavor roll-ons from the beauty supply stores. Then one year (I can't remember which year), the taste and I just didn't get along! Either way, this beauty expert has a flawless face (with and without the makeup) so I can assume she on to something we must have forgot about!

My Notes: I have not seen this flavor ever in the store and it's sold out on-line! It must be a fan favorite. Pick up two if you find it and send me one!

My Notes: There's a real trend of simple and classic when it comes to the modern lady moisturizing her pout and this is one of the originals!

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