Re-Branding & Raising Babies

Here we are, March 2016! January and February breezed by so fast, or is it just us?! We're working towards some REALLY audacious goals this year. REALLY audacious!! We come up with new ideas on a daily, and most of the time they end up being just that, ideas. But, we've officially turned over a new leaf! Often, we'd find ourselves complaining about the lack of time we have due to being tied up with home and the kids. Instead we've opened our planners, hashed out our goals, planned and strategized how to see them through.

We're also in re-branding mode. Since switching everything over to BOSSMOM NATION in October...our vision took a slight shift in direction. A very exciting one might we add!!  We're working on a few things that will allow us to connect more, share more and deliver more value. It's one thing to be a BOSSMOM, but to have a growing NATION right along with you makes it even more major. As we encourage all you mamas to stay inspired through motherhood, we ourselves are learning, growing and inspired by you as well.

We recently met up with our photographer turned great friend Melissa de Mata to catch up and talk BIG plans for the year. She supported our vision back when we didn't really have one, or shall we say it wasn't crystal clear like it is now, and for that we LOVE her. 

As we carry on through 2016 with our planners and babies in hand, we look forward to seeing how far we've come this time next year! One thing we know for sure is, there is no  particular destination that we envision to reach for BOSSMOM NATION, it will forever be growing and changing. For that reason, we're focused on enjoying the journey starting right here...right now!!

That moment when you think you're cool...

...right before you lose your balance and almost fall!! 

B A B I E S  &  B R U N C H   T I M E !!!


Thank you so much for following our journey !We appreciate you taking the time to read our content  and support the movement.