Style: Khat Rabbani

There's just something about being a Cool Girl. It's much more than the way you dress because your style is also your essence of how you live and the things you care about. That's what attracts us to Khat! Outside from being a trailblazing young business woman (check out her business feature here), she thrives on the well being of others! Her instagram page is full on inspirational girl crush photos and guidance. Here's a few reasons why we love her. Meet Khat... 





DENIM // BooHoo

BOOTS // Valentino Leather Booties


What Does Being a Cool Girl Mean to You: A girl who exudes confidence & fearlessly takes on the world by its horns.

What Makes You A Cool Girl: What makes me a Cool Girl is that I learned my experiences, good or bad, are all testaments of my life & choosing to share them just might enlighten or inspire the next person & I think that's pretty cool.

What Inspires You Most: I am inspired most when...I see other women striving for excellence. Women who push through all the barriers and odds that stand against them! When I see this type of fight within a woman, no matter her background it mirrors and inspires me to stay driven within my own journey!  

What's A Perfect Sunday for You: Ahhhhh...A perfect sunday is waking up to a wonderful fulfilling breakfast in bed. Listening to some old school music, relaxing in lavender bubble bath. Lounging around the house doing some online shopping or just reading a good book.

Who Said It Best (Favorite Quote):

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.

-Oprah Winfrey


Favorite Season for Style: Fall. I love fall most because the weather is so beautiful and  the neutral autumn colors always seem to inspire my fashion selections. Most of all, I'm able to pull out a couple leather goods if I shall please!

Describe Your Current Style for this Cold Winter Weather: My current season style is definitely chic-fabulous (We call this Relaxed Lavish at ClosetPIECE!) for winter. I like to maintain a fresh, chic & polished look. It very easy to turn into the shaggy abominable snowman during the winter! However, I’m creating ways within my style to be #1 comfortable, warm & yet fabulous all simultaneously!

What Do You Love About Dressing for this Season: I absolutely love that I can truly display my sense of style... From wearing my fedora brim & faux fur hats, wool capes, leather jackets, gloves, skirts and boots! This time of year always makes me very happy to be a fashionista!

Heels or Flats: Flats

The Perfect Closet Piece (The One Item Currently In Your Closet You Cannot Live Without): My boyfriend jeans 


Some inspiration from Khat's style + favorite things...