Style Piece: Mia Ray

Creator and heart of the Glam-Aholic Lifestyle, Mia Ray is a must watch. She's been Confessing to us Glam-Aholics for five years and since the birth of baby Santana, making her a mother of now two, her Boss Mom Behavior has amplified! It was only right to see her in a Boss Mom t-shirt and ask her a few random questions about her style and look!

My style has evolved into a more mature and quaint level of simplicity. I'm a firm believer in less is more.

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Mia Talks About Her Look...

Hat: Target (My absolute favorite store!) I love shopping in the Men's department.

Coat: MissGuided. This coat is a must-have, it's so easy to dress up or down! And this is my favorite color of the season right now.

T-Shirt: PIECE for closetPIECE BossMom t-shirt (Shop here)

Jeans: H&M. These are my favorite pair of denim, they stretch perfectly over my curves.

Boots: Zara. These are one of the most comfortable and most stylish pair of boots that I own. It was like love at first sight and at the perfect price! (she even wrote a blog about them here!)

Purse: Target. I'm obsessed with mini bags.

Glasses: Forever 21. Cat-eye frames are so sexy and classic. These were actually a gift from my mom!

What Mia Loves About Winter...

I love layers and knits in the colder seasons! I also love a great coat, hat and scarf combo.

Some inspiration from Mia's winter loves...