Style Piece: Xela Gaerlan

Style is my art. An art form of expression and connection. An expression of my thoughts and inspirations. Where I connect with my peers and the world.

Xela, also known as ALEXbackwards, is a treasure hunter (but not a pirate) at She Wolves. The online thrift boutique delivers hand picked wardrobe treasures for the eco-friendly fashionista. Yes, she hunts for the treasure of style! Collected throughout her travels, hunting for the best deals, and gathering unique finds just like you’re favorite local thrift store!

But let's take it one step further, Xela uses her design skills to reconstruct pieces "with love" to make one-of-a-kind items for your closet only (until you gift it...because Cool Girls give)!

Xela pictured in her own reconstructed designs and vintage hat.

 We had the chance to catch Xela in her hey Cool Girl tee and got to get a few details about her look and style...

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We agree! Being a Cool Girl is all about being able to transition and be comfortable in your style. Going tomboy is a great way to mix a little feminine dopeness to some boyish charm. Opt for looser fits of girlish cuts or a slimmer fit to a guys cut! Pull hair in an undone ponytail, add a red lip, some bling, or a heel to complete the look. Either way, make it you!

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Some inspiration from Xela's winter season style & style tips...