Let's talk style: Brand Ambassador Sovanny Vu

We're extremely proud of and impressed by our Ambassadors, the way they represent motherhood is inspiring to say the least. Sovanny has been SUPER supportive of our brand and movement from the moment we connected. Support is a two way street, and we strive to equally reciprocate the love and support right back! So without further ado...take a quick peek into Sovanny's style journey as she talks about the evolution if it. 

motherhood style

Sovanny Vu + her crew

Looking back at my style over the last 10-15 years,I often think to myself oh my god! What on earth was I thinking?! Though that is just the evolution of style and as people we also evolve.


In my late teens and early twenties I went through a party party stage so my wardrobe was full of clothes you'd wear to the nightclubs. So much so that, it also became what I wore to work. It didn't feel inappropriate to wear midriff tops or tight white pants into the office because I felt good in what I was wearing. Moreover no one ever said it was inappropriate. Back then I was working in the out skirts of the city. Fast forward a few years, I got my first role in the Melbourne central business district and it was then that my wardrobe started to change. Perhaps it was due to maturity but more likely because Melbourne is very safe when it comes to fashion. The city is full of black, white and grey and rarely do you see colour so thats what I began to wear. No mesh, nothing shiny and definitely nothing tight and white. My mid twenties saw what I felt was a more sophisticated me. One that also had no financial ties, commitments and could do or buy whatever she felt like.


Then one day in  my late twenties I was married happily ever after and two years after that arrived my first born, Madison. I put on so much weight while pregnant with Madison and it was then that I developed an appreciation for versatile oversized clothing. I sought after clothing from brands that didn't necessarily cater for pregnant women but provided a quality selection of oversized items suited enough for pre, during and post maternity wear. As a breastfeeding mum, cardigans, shirt, wraps and stretchy fabrics also became my best friend. I remember shopping up a storm post baby because nothing in my existing wardrobe felt right on me anymore. I spent so much money trying to find my sense of style as a mum that I placed myself on a shopping ban for an entire year. It was then that I made use of what was in my wardrobe and started to get creative with what I had.


These days, I am a mum of two girls, with a vintage store so when you look in my wardrobe you will see a lot of vintage, thrift finds and above all 99% of the clothing is all comfortable. My shoes on the other hand, that a different story.