Superficially Yours: Dealing With Insecurities


So let’s discuss a topic that is all too real to some or most of us, however rarely talked about or shared; insecurities. So many of us have them. But why is it so taboo to be insecure about some things, as if pretending as though they don’t exist, will somehow prevent them from occurring. As if keeping them in secret will yield a greater chance of receiving a healing. May be just my humble opinion, but pretending as if insecurities don’t exist only prolongs the process of healing and potentially overcoming them.


Now I’d be the first to tell you, I rock out at life, more times than not. But I’d also be lying if I said that I had absolutely no insecurities or issues with myself, ever. One of the biggest just happens to be with my weight. Or let’s just say this lovable, huggable, pouch that I’ve developed throughout my midsection over the years. Of course throughout my teens and early adulthood, body issues were never really an issue. However, the blessing that is five pregnancies and four beautiful children, a life-altering autoimmune disorder, and a severe love for all things sweet, has somehow resulted in a piece of me that, at times, bothers me, however, will never truly be deep enough to break me. 


Like with most issues, the need to talk about them is essential to healthy growth and development. I thank The Lord for a husband who doesn’t necessarily care to hear me sulk over my body issues, but who instead chooses and prefers to remind me of how absolutely stunning and regal I am in his eyes and in the eyes of many. His words, “That’s beauty! A powerful, significant, and physical representation of the love that grew inside. A love that only Christ can create.” I’m blessed to have friends and amazing women in my circle who keep it 100% honest with me when it comes to these things, and who go above and beyond to keep me encouraged, uplifted, and excited about life. Insecurities, whatever they may be, the issues that I have with my body, they are merely superficial and temporary wounds on the body of a person who is constantly and consistently evolving. Just as our cells regenerate on a minute by minute, second by second, basis, so does the love for, and opinion we have of, ourselves through Christ, the practice of self-love, and amazing relationships.


In order to maintain and completely own our status as BOSS women, wives, mothers, and in business, we must achieve and maintain a healthy outlook on life. One way to do so is by using that thing that we’re insecure about to drive us past a point of unhappy. Straight skip that exit on the highway, and instead let the vibe-killer that is insecurity inspire you to do better. Choose to surround yourself with quality people and things who will uplift and keep you inspired. This proves great when working to overcome insecurity. If it’s something physical, then either work to change it, or learn to embrace it. Recognize your value and know that you are not alone. Real life isn’t always as pretty as the picture. But there are people and things depending on you to be at your best. Give them that ladies, and nothing less!