The One Reason There Will Never Be Another Generation Of Mothers Like Us

Mamas, we are experiencing something no other mothering generation before us ever did. We’re so used to it that we probably don’t even realize the significance of it. What it is? The fact that we are one of the first generations of women navigating the role of motherhood with social media as an element within it. We are also raising one of the first generation to be born into it, they will never know any other way. What’s normal for them has become different in ways we could never understand because ironically we all had a childhood without social media. What a unique existence in this life we’re having right? It’s powerful. 


But, here’s the thing… there’s no blueprint for us with all of it. Yes, we can ask our mothers advice on things and there are wisdoms that are timeless that we can soak in. But, we live in a time where things really are just different. We have access to more digital platforms than any other era of motherhood before. With that is a gateway drug of opinion, influence and information. It can be beautiful, or it can be damaging. We have the responsibility and choice to determine which one it is based on our relationship with it. 

Below I shared my top 3 truths I want to be normal for my own daughter in spite of a digital society. 


1. The camera doesn’t equal how important the moment is.

I don’t want her growing up thinking that me having the camera out equates to the worth of the moment. I don’t want her growing up so aware of posing and being captured. I want her to grow up learning how to be present in moments instead of over documenting them to the point where the memory is of taking the pictures and not being in the experience. 


2. We don’t stage our life for effect. 

I don’t want her to ever think we went on a walk just to take Instagram worthy pictures. I never want her to grow up where how she dresses that day is determined by who will see her or how it would look in a picture. I truly don’t ever want her to think any time that we planned or spent together was staged or for any other intention beyond adding beautiful chapters to her life story. 


3. The devices didn’t steal her mama. 

I never want my daughter to replay memories of her childhood and when she thinks of me my face was constantly glued into a phone or a laptop. I don’t want her to remember me as being distracted, uninterested or unavailable because my thumb was constantly scrolling through other people's lives and thoughts. 


We haven’t had the understanding of hindsight yet to see how social media could negatively affect our babes. That time hasn’t happened yet. But, we are their protectors. It’s up to us to think ahead about what normals we are creating for them.


We’re BossMom’s though so you know, we got that whole present intentionally thing on lock. And, if we don’t see you AS much around online, just know you have other mama’s out there that understand the beauty behind the quiet. You’re creating the blueprint. *fist bump* 

Lots of love + light.

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