The Resolution Starter Pack

The normal preparation for a New Years resolution typically is void of any responsible effort. The end of the year is "coast season" where you happily indulge in all the sh!t you plan on quitting/starting on January 1st! How crazy are us humans?!!  It's no hidden secret that this cold turkey attitude has to be our tombstone in the resolution graveyard. We rarely plan for the major things we intend on stopping or starting in our lives on 1/1. I made this little known discovery when I stumbled upon Tieko Nejon's instagram page a while back.

She was in the midst of a 100 day countdown to 2015. How freaking smart, I thought! On day 1, Tieko states the sometimes not-so-obvious, to those who are ready to set some New Year’s Resolution...

“100 days! There are 100 days until the New Year and we will be off to a fresh start, but wait. Not soo fast. Will your fresh start be a false start? Every year most of us make resolutions, commitments, promises to try something new or do something different...This is for the other people, the majority, who fall into the Time-Got-Away-From-Me category and are 100 days away from  finishing the year without accomplishing something you determined to do at the beginning of 2014.”

So everyday she gave us a word, for 100 days and defined it for us. Not Webster style but her own prescription (doctor's orders) on what to do with this word. It was personal because each message is something she experienced herself. While I won't go into detail with every word she posted, I did want to share all 100 words (in segments of 25) and give you a brief of a few that resonated with me...

Day 1-25

DAY 3, SORT: Sort through the crap; like sorting through the junk mail. Stop collecting piles of stuff (emotions, excuses, situations and PEOPLE) that you know adds no value to your desired outcome. Chances are you will toss out more than you keep.

DAY 5, PURGE: Purge your physical space of anything irrelevant to the process of success. If it is something you are unable to do away with then purge your mind of focusing on it!

DAY 15, INCREASE: Increase the possibilities of achievement by first decreasing the realities of your fears. Your possibilities will never contend with your reality as long as you move in fear.

DAY 19, EARN: Earn everything you think should be yours. Don’t lay claims to it if you are not willing to work for it.

Day 26-50

DAY 26, PERFORM: Perform as if everyone is watching...even if no one is. You don't excel for others. You excel because of the standards you set for yourself. Others are rewarded by your commitment to your standard.

DAY 31, LOOK: Look like it. Look like what you do, like who you say you are, and like you love it! First impressions are your best investments! If you look like you don't care, I'll believe you...

DAY 36, BUILD: Build a better barrier to shield against negativity...but be open to corrective criticism. Corrective criticism is not negativity. It is fuel.

DAY 45, RESIST: Resist the innate desire to look for short cuts. Our natural inclination is to want "it" to be easy but champions aren't born, they are trained and training never has short cuts...and if there are, then the results are short lived.

Day 51-75

DAY 57, MASTER: Master self control. It's always easy to tell ourselves yes. Denying ourselves is the challenge. We have to know when enough is enough...and most of us have surpassed it

DAY 61, GIVE: Give beyond what could ever be repaid and give to people who could never repay you. Now you are a giver. Before, you were just exchanging.

DAY 65, BURY: Bury the past but only the past that serves as no reference for your life today. Some parts of our past should be preserved, kept in its original state accessible as a reminder of what to do...and what not to do. If something worked, don't just leave it there. And what did not work, stop dragging it with you.

DAY 72, NEGOTIATE: Negotiate terms that all parties can agree to. Hold others accountable but more importantly keep your own word! Promises are NOT made to be broken. It is better to not commit (even if others are upset) than to commit and not uphold your end of the bargain.

Day 76-100

DAY  76, PACE: Pace your plan to match up with your opportunities. When opportunity knocks, be prepared to answer the door...and deliver. Ideas are not preparation, they are only blueprints for preparing.

DAY 82, EXPOSE: Expose yourself to new things, greater things. Otherwise expect the same results if you continue to do the same thing. Different requires a shift!

DAY 94, SEIZE: seize every opportunity...that is meant for you! every opportunity is not THE opportunity. There seems to be doors wide open; fast money to be made and notoriety to be had but start with the reason why you started in the first place.

DAY 100, START: Start over. successes should have a sequel. Raise the bar and kill it again!

The perfect ending! Read all 100 days and get prepared for your resolution here. See more Tieko...