Welcome, welcome, welcome! You could be anywhere in the world right now, but you’re here with us! And when we say “us”, we mean all of US. We have brought out the boatload of dope Cool Girls in different walks of life, to bring you some LIFE, daily!

The return of Closet Piece means so much to Shah and I!! It’s really better than ever! The NEW Closet Piece is a platform for us to deliver what matters, in a way that matters. It’s our Responsibility to Womanhood because we are amazing! To say we Run The World is merely an understatement because let’s face it, we created this mutha! (Shout out to Mother Nature).

OK, let me give you a little background. I (Aliyah) live in Atlanta and my Boss Mom bestie and business partner (Shah) lives in California, so we are working this thing from miles apart. As we got closer to our launch date, I got the chance to fly out to California to help tie up the loose ends for the site. This is always a plus! First, because it's Cali and who doesn't want to be there. Secondly, I get to see my fav girl in person and take a few pictures together. Not a problem, we are always ready for a photo op!!

So, let’s break down the new site…

We are a Lifestyle Blog...and Shop. This means first and foremost we will deliver you some content, great effin content in a variety of topics. On the site you'll find information about...

As for THE SHOP, we are living life in motion and we like to look good doing it. Closet Piece’s origin is in delivering statement PIECES and that hasn’t changed. Keeping that in mind, on the site you will find PIECE for Closet PIECE, our very first line!

The first two PIECEs are two graphic shirt designs speaking dearly to the women we represent...


This new site will allow you to get to know these women in more deep, passionate, detail.

As you can see, the new site is more than just a fresh facelift. It’s our baby and you get to watch her grow and get better! We. Love. That! So, stay put and come often!

**Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points. That’s how we talk around these parts!!!!**